Friday, January 20, 2017

TASK 2.0

We've got some changes in store for the new year.

Here is what you need to know before you apply:

McPherson Public Library’s Teen Advisory Squad of Kansas (TASK) is an advisory group of teens in grades 6-12 who meet regularly with the Youth Services staff to discuss books, to plan library programs, to give input on library issues related to teens, and to assist in selecting materials to purchase for the Teen Scene.

How to Join?

New members will be accepted into TASK at any time based on their application and possibly an interview with the Youth Services Coordinator. Criteria for selection include:

Ø A desire to promote reading;
Ø The ability to work cooperatively with people of various ages and backgrounds;
Ø A commitment to attend meetings and programs on a regular basis.

Teens who are frequent library users or who are recommended by a teacher or librarian are given special consideration. We strive to maintain an age, gender and grade balance in TASK and to select members with different personalities and interests.

Membership is renewable for the duration of a student’s middle and high school years. This will provide consistency and continuity and allows the group to develop as a team. As old members graduate, spaces open up for new members, providing a fresh perspective each year.

What are the expectations of members?

Meeting Attendance
The Executive Committee will meet every other month to work on projects and discuss a range of issues and proposals. All other committees will meet as needed. Members are expected to attend ALL meetings, which will be scheduled to fit member schedules. Members who miss multiple meetings in a year may forfeit TASK membership. In addition, there will be two full member meetings each year.

Program Participation
TASK members are expected to participate in at least 1 teen program each month. However, all TASK members are expected to attend every program you possibly can. Late arrivals are acceptable for the majority of programs (so don’t worry if you have a scheduled activity that runs late). If you are helping plan events, we do expect you to want to attend them!
*Every member is required to register and participate in the Teen Summer Library Program.

TASK members must participate actively in their committee(s) and this time will count as volunteering. Other opportunities will arise as needed. This is a great way to earn community service hours!

Why Join?

Members of TASK help shape the Teen Department. This department is the vision of your fellow teens and it is our goal to keep it that way. In addition, participation in TASK looks wonderful on college applications.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please submit the attached application and I will get in touch with you.


Executive Committee
High School Only. This committee will be made up of no more than 8 teens in high school (two from each grade level). This group will meet every other month. This group will be responsible for discussing larger issues as they come up. Each member will also be expected to lead at least one of the sub-committees (joint leadership is perfectly acceptable).

Committees: Movies, Gaming and Crafts
These committees will be responsible for helping plan special events in these categories. For instance, the Gaming Committee will help with International Games Day which takes place every November.

Life Skills Committee
High School Only. This is will be our newest addition to teen programs. We will begin offering Life Skills programs (how to change a tire, ACT preparation, how to create a budget, etc.). This group will help plan, promote and run these events.

Committees: Displays and Readers
These committees have similar themes: books. The Displays Committee will help create book displays in our children’s area and be responsible for changing them out and keeping them stocked (this will be scheduled with members). The Readers Committee will help create reading lists, reviews and other fun projects that will, with any luck, lead to awesome teen programs (i.e., book trailers).

Committees: Summer Programs

These committees will focus on helping plan and prepare for our summer programming.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Sign-Ups

Here are November time slots. These are optional, but if you can do International Games Day on the 19th I would appreciate the help.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

TASK Changes Pending

The following will be old news to those who were at Monday's meeting, but for the others:

We will have a huge overhaul to TASK in the next couple of months. TASK will now be comprised of an Executive Committee (8 teens in High School) and smaller sub-committees (gaming, life skills, readers, etc.-more on this later). It is my hope (and the expectation of the other members) that this will be a better way to play off of every teen's skill-set and interests.

And the thought of that makes me super-excited.

The main volunteering component will split off as we resurrect the Volunteen Program.

Both of these will be treated as separate entities, so you will need to reapply for either/both when new applications begin to arise. For some of you that have multiple months as inactive members (not including those that have been excused by me for other reasons) will need to come to that interview prepared to tell me why this time will be different with you being able to fulfill the requirements expected of you.

The new TASK will have a vastly different approach to what we have been doing, but we are going to give it a shot throughout the next year. And I'm sure we will all be exhausted and stressed as we begin to go through some of these changes.

Bear with me and be prepared to give your honest feedback as we go on-remember this is your group and you need to feel free to make it into what you want/need.

I'll be back with updates as I have them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welcome New Members!

We just wanted to say a quick hello to our 5 new members!

We are thrilled to have you as a part of TASK and look forward to the coming year!

Quick reminder: Don't forget to come up with 2 ideas for the teen department. They can be practical ("I think we should put a sign up in the teen area so everyone knows what it is.") or impractical ("I think we should be a second floor on the library that will be just for teens.") or illogical ("I think we should build a teleportation portal that will take us to our new teen library . . . on the moon.").

Also, remember to be thinking about how we market our teen services/programs to your fellow teens! We already had one great idea to spread the word through local youth groups!

And also, sorry for the delay in posting for a while...

I apparently forgot how to use the internet....

Don't worry I'm better now.

Please check in so I know you haven't forgotten about me! Don't forget you can also follow this blog by email so you can make sure not to miss any future posts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016